I, Qin Wentian, have a cultivation base at the first-level of immortal foundation. I might be very weak, and this level of cultivation cannot be compared to many among you. I came here accidentally and became your Saint Lord. But now, I will swear to the heavens that in the future I, Qin Wentian, will treat you with respect and will never do anything to betray the Battle Saint Tribe and or any of you either or I would be annihilated by the forces of the heavens and earth.
Qin Wentian's vow to the Battle Saint Tribe
Us from the Battle Saint Tribe are all willing to follow after the Saint Lord of this generation, Qin Wentian. The orders of the Saint Lord will be followed with the highest priority. If there's anyone who dares to betray the Saint Lord, may heaven and earth bear witness that our tribe would never return to our former glory.
— The vow of the Battle Saint Tribe to Qin Wentian


This is a place the first-generation Saint Lord prepared for the tribe to live in safely. He sealed this place and created three worlds for them. This tribe has no idea of the current outside world. But according to the ancient records and ancestral teachings, they know that once in the past, they were the ultimate tribe who stood at the peak of countless worlds, peering with disdain down at everything under the heavens, and having unparalleled combat prowess.

The legend of their glorious past has been branded into their minds ever since they were kids. The ancestral teachings taught them never to forget their identity, never to forget how strong they once were. Maybe one day, they would be able to climb back up to the peak. From the ancient records and ancestral teachings, thet knew that countless years ago, a great change occured and the tribe was met with a calamity. The Battle Saint Sacred Bones which were the most important to our people, were all plundered away from them. The clan was narrowly completely annihilated, but luckily their ancestor managed to escape with his life which then led to the current Battle Saint Tribe of today.

The clan wasn't wiped out completely and survived with luck. This was all due to the first-generation Saint Lord's help. In order forthem to evade the calamity, the first-generation Saint Lord suggested that they move in here and sever all connections with the outside world. Only the Saint Lords of differing generations would be able to enter here and he can bring out a number of the tribe members to roam the world outside. At the same time, he has to aid them in their ultimate goal - to find the Battle Saint Sacred Bone that was stolen from the Battle Saint Ancestor through a battle all those years ago. Although the tribe members reproduce fast, those who could truly awaken the bloodline of the Battle Saint Tribe and grow a Battle Saint Sacred Bone were all extremely rare.

According to the ancient records, the Sacred Bone plundered from their ancestor was the most important inheritance for their tribe. It contained boundless profound secrets of the Great Dao and there was a chance that it would be able to be passed on to their descendants. Through the generations, there would always be a Battle Saint King born among them. But naturally after that calamity and their Inheritance Sacred Bone was stolen away, their tribe was no longer able to produce a Saint Battle King and their talent dwindled too much, their potential reduced to merely this extent. Considering the fact that the people with the Battle Saint Sacred Bones of this era are all still able to step into the immortal king realm despite the fact that their talents have been weakened, how powerful was the Battle Saint Tribe then? 

Also, the ancestor and the first-generation Saint Lord had an agreement. In the future, the members of the tribe would aid his successors, regarding them as Saint Lord. The Saint Lords of each generation would be able to mobilize half of their entire strength to roam the outside world. For those who remained here, they would continue to reproduce in peace and safety. The members of the tribe would regard the Saint Lord as their master but they hope that he would be able to aid us to grow as well. Those who went out together with the previous Saint Lords wouldn't return to them anymore. Other than supporting the Saint Lord, they were tasked with investigating the disappearance of the Inheritance Sacred Bone, and entrusted with the mission of returning the tribe to its former glory.

The first-generation Saint Lord said before that for those who could obtain his secret art and open the gates to arrive here, their talent could only be described as tyrannical and they were destined to dominate the immortal realms. For people like that, only a rare few would appear in the same generation. Even if there were plenty of characters like that, it was impossible for them to gain the inheritance at the same time. With such odds, the probability of it happening was basically nil.


Saint Lords


First World

The number of those who awaken the bloodline in the first world cannot be compared to the upper worlds. Because after entering the immortal king realm, the tribe members would all choose to head to the second and third world. In addition, their talent is naturally high and there are many who can step into the immortal king realm. Hence, the people of the first world are mostly the younger ones.

In the first world, all those who awakened their bloodlines and possess a Battle Saint Bone are all gathered here. The Saint Lord can select half of them to follow him. They will immediately make a vow to be his protectors and their only hope is that as the Saint Lord matures, he would be able to pull them along.

In this space, they had no true opponents and it was rare for them to find a chance to grow. Compared to protecting this world and continuing their lineage, they would rather choose to roam the world and chase after the glory which belonged to their ancestors. That, was their life mission. So what if they would encounter numerous dangers if they went out? So what if they aren't allowed to return here forever if they left this place? They were still filled with boundless courage and an indomitable conviction to press forward.They were innate top-tier warriors, how could they be fine with mediocracy?

Second World

When the first Saint Lord created the three worlds, he made it so that the connection here was the same as the connection in particle worlds to the immortal realms. The people living here didn't know that this is a world created by others. Other than members of the Battle Saint Tribe, the others here all believed that this dimension, is the outside world.

Third World

The members of the third world are at the emperor immortal-realm

Other members (2nd Generation)


The Battle Saint Tribe came from the Desolate Region of the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms. The Battle Saint Tribe is an extremely ancient clan. They are known to battle against the heavens and are one of the truly powerful clans in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms. They was also known as the Ancient Battle Clan, had shocking combat prowess, capable of dominating the Desolate Region. They were once the hegemonic power of a generation and had a divine ape as their totem. They were able to summon divine battle apes and possessed incredible divine strength.

Another peak power in the Desolate Region was named the Divine Ox Clan. Their ancestor was a Kui Ox and can be considered an immensely powerful variation beast. The ancient records of the Battle Saint Tribe clearly recorded the grudge between these two clans. The hatred lasted for many years, and the Ox Divine Clan eventually used some underhanded methods and seized the inheritance battle saint bone from the Battle Saint Tribe and implanted it into his own body. After that, the successive generations of the Battle Saint Tribe's members grew more and more mediocre until their entire tribe was vanquished by the Ox Divine Clan.

With regards to this battle, the impartial view of the recorder felt that the Battle Saint Tribe was destroyed due to their own arrogance. They looked down on the Divine Ox Clan and they were indeed once stronger than them. However, the Divine Ox Clan knew that their talent was inferior to the Battle Saint Tribe and chose to lie low. When they found a method to turn the situation, they did it with no hesitation. They forced the remnants of the Battle Saint Tribe to flee to different particle worlds to hide and gained an absolute victory.

Battle Saint Art

Battle Saint Art

The Battle Saint Arc is the unique art of the Battle Saint Tribe.

Divine Ape Battle Formation

Formation of the member of the Battle Saint Tribe.

Origin of God's Hand

The first-generation Saint Lord took on a huge risk and faced dangers to his life just to aid them in their survival despite having no further requests and he was unwilling to allow their name to fade in history. The entire tribe is filled with endless gratitude for the great kindness the first-generation Saint Lord has shown them and they divulged the unique Battle Saint Art of they tribe, allowing him to study it. The first-generation Saint Lord was truly an extraordinary character, he was able to gain more insights from the Battle Saint Art and created and evolved it into a supremely strong ability : God's Hand. So it turned out that God's Hand wasn't created by Ancient Emperor Yi. It was someone from a generation before Emperor Yi who created it - the first-generation Saint Lord.


  • The Divine Ape is the totem beast of the Battle Saint Tribe.
  • The men of the Saint Battle Tribe are innate warriors by birth. If they encountered an incident such as someone trying to seach their memories, they would use a secret art to wipe out their memories completely before commiting suicide. In that case, unless the Saint Lord betrays them, the secret of the Battle Saint Tribe would never be divulged. Naturally, the Battle Saint Tribe are pledged to be followers of the Saint Lord, the Saint Lord wouldn't have a reason to betray the tribe.
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