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Bailu Yi, the White Deer Institute’ greatest Divine Inscriptionist from the younger generations. Not only was she able to inscribe third-ranked Inscriptions, the outlines were all incomparably intricate. In addition, her suitors were all extraordinary characters.


A young lady wearing a body-hugging, contour-accentuating, long, black-colored robe. Her curves were all visibly outlined, and that smoking-hot body didn’t lose out in the slightest when compared to Leng Ning. Her chest appeared even fuller and her exquisite, white neck resembled a heavenly crane. Her appearance was so outstanding that no one wanted to look away from her.

Not only did she have a devilish figure, her face was the face of an angel. It radiated purity, giving people a strong sense of delightful contrast. Even though she might seem cold and unapproachable on the outside, she was actually an extremely kind and pure little girl.


She met Qin Wentian when he came to the White Deer Institute. They studied Divine Inscriptions together and quickly became friends. She even developped romantic feelings for him but unfortunately for her, that's a one-sided love.

In the Hell Arena her codename is Flaming Rose. Her battle record is that of seventy-seven victories and three defeats.


Cultivation Chapter
3 - Yuan Palace (Yuanfu) 9th Level 436