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Bai Wuya is a member of the Heavenly Talisman Realm as well as Qin Wentian's senior brother. He's an extremely gifted cultivator.


This person appeared extremely young, around twenty to thirty years of age. He exuded a clean and neat aura and those who didn’t know him would definitely have thought that he’s just a little brat who just started on the pathway of cultivation. But in fact, this white-robed person who had a refined and scholarly look had already cultivated over 8,000 years. But given his cultivation base level, 8,000 years was already considered extremely young for him to reach such a level.

This person was named Bai Wuya, a character at the immortal king tier. He also had transcendent might and because of the short period of time he had cultivated for, there was once an ancient immortal king expert who wanted to bully him and seize his treasures. But the ending was that ancient immortal king was completely decimated in a single strike. This battle constituted his fame and imposingness. There was also another story where a thousand years after he stepped into the immortal king level, he killed a descendent of an immortal emperor because that descendant was a despicable scum. This caused the immortal emperor to be so enraged there he sent out thirteen immortal king tiered experts to surround Bai Wuya yet they were all annihilated by him. This only further added onto his fame.

Although immortal king tiered experts were also classified into levels, those thirteen immortal kings cultivation bases weren’t any weaker than Bai Wuya. Bai Wuya’s combat prowess was simply too astonishing and in the end, his potential attracted another supreme existence on the immortal emperor level to speak out for him. And only then, did the enraged immortal emperor stop hunting him down.


Cultivation Realm Chapter
Body Refinement
Arterial Circulation
Heavenly Dipper
Celestial Phenomenon
Immortal Foundation
Immortal King Initial Stage 715
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Peak Stage
Immortal Emperor Initial Stage 1364
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Peak Stage
World Overlord
Heavenly Deity 2024 (mentioned)


He appear for the first time to the side of the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor and the others Immortals King like Deepflame to the recruitement event in the Royal Sacred Region. He will met Qin Wentian there for the first time and invite him to join the Heavenly Talisman Realm.


  • 白无涯 (Bai Wuya) →白Bai is a surname, 无涯Wuya can means no horizon.