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Bai Qing is the youngest daughter of the Bai Clan. She will later became the grand priestress of the Judiciary Hall of the Devil Mountain. She's a recurrent character of the story and one of the closest friends of Qin Wentian.


This younger-looking lady was even taller than Autumn Snow, with an extremely well-proportioned figure. She had skin as white as snow and an extremely beautiful countenance. Only her eyes seemed to contain within them a depth that was far beyond her years, as though she had experienced many things before.

As the Priestess of the Judiciary Hall

Her long robes fluttered in the wind and there was a blood-colored armor within those robes, making her exude a sense of imposingness. Her lithe body and perfect curves made it clear that she was a female, and just by her figure, one could tell that this was also an exceedingly beautiful woman. The woman's long hair fluttered as a blood-red crown was on her head. What made the spectators sigh was that her armor had extended and formed a mask that concealed her features, leaving only her eyes that shone with coldness out in the open. She was like the daughter of a devil god, exuding magnificence through the generations.

The priestess stretched her hand out and slowly removed her visor, revealing a face of supreme beauty, noble-like and cold. When her features matched with that judiciary robes and blood-colored laurel, she exuded an imposing elegance, resembling the daughter of a devil god.


Bai Qing, daughter of Bai Qingsong and younger sister of Autumn Snow. When her clan prepared to move to the Royal Capital. she distanced herself from her father and sister due to their shameful actions towards Qin Wentian and the Qin Clan Manor and left the clan.


When she left Chu and came to Grand Xia, she had met with countless dangers before she finally acquired the Chaotic Art of the Heavenly Devil. When she cultivated that, she had almost lost herself to the devil, but her master appeared then and saved her life, bringing her into the Mystic Moon Sect to nurture her.

After entering the Mystic Moon Sect, her master patiently guided her. The levels of the Chaotic Art of the Heavenly Devil got progressively harder, and every time she found her body unable to endure it, her master would infused her own vital energy to smooth Bai Qing’s meridians and arterial pathway, as well as unhesitatingly gathered precious herbs to concoct medicinal solutions for her to immerse herself in, strengthening her body and constitution. It was only after a long gruelling period before she achieved success in her devil arts.

After she learnt what her father did to Qin Wentian, her heart had long been sealed in ice, affecting her character and her way of interaction with people. But her master had never once counted that against her and even treated her as she should her own daughter. To Bai Qing, the affection of her Master was a replacement for motherly love, something she had never experienced before.

Back then, the things the Bai Clan did to him had already caused Bai Qing to walk a stray path, leading her to practice the devil arts. The devil arts would slowly influence one’s personality, eventually forming a heart devil; this was an extremely difficult path to advance on and just the slightest mistake would condemn one to eternal damnation.

After which, they met again. Bai Qing suffered an attack purposely from him to repay the debts her father and elder sister owed him. Just a call of the name ‘Wentian gege’ caused the tension in her heart to ease, allowing her to repair relations with her family. Only then did Bai Qing show signs of turning for the better. But after her master died and Qin Wentian got seriously injured, Bai Qing descended once more into Mara.

After Bai Qing and the rest of those that went into the Grand Xia Empire inheritance hall came out they went around Grand Xia to temper themselves and in one forbidden location, the Devil Statue Cliff, the group encountered lethal danger and Bai Qing helped them leave and faced the sacrificial devil alter on her own. Her fate is unknown at this point.

The next time Bai Qing is seen is during the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy arc where she orders subordinates to hold down Huang Shatian and then saves Mo Qingcheng from the White Tiger Race alliance during their war against the Southern Phoenix Clan.

She reappears in the Myriad Devil Islands as a priestess of the Judiciary Hall of the Devil Mountain.


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  • Stellar Transposition (Ultimate Art Of Grand Xia)
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  • Judgement of Blood