He exuded elegance and was extremely handsome. His cultivation base was at the peak of devil-foundation.

Azureflame Tuo was an extremely scheming man. Although he was polite and full of smiles on the surface, he only had disdain towards the devil king, there was no respect at all.

Combat Prowess

As a peak devil-foundation cultivator of the Azureflame Clan, Azureflame Tuo's strength naturally wasn't bad. Although it wasn't as outstanding as characters on the Devil Rankings, his combat prowess was still very tyrannical.

Devil might from him bubbled, his entire body seemed to be bathing in devil fire as his appearance resembled a Devil from the nine hells. The entire atmosphere turned scorchingly hot, flickering with redness. His powerful attacks clashed madly against his opponent and every attack which hit, would leave behind a devil flame seed in the wounds which opened up. His attacks would also feed off the fiery atmosphere, growing stronger and stronger with every passing moment.

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