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The Azure Emperor Palace began their restructuring. The original members of the Azure Emperor Palace were all completely re-segregated. The Zong Clan Branch, Icespirit Branch, White Deer Institute Branch, Di Branch all had great authority. The Punishment Branch under Old Xing naturally had great power as well. However, the information network of the Celestial Palace Branch under Fairy Qingmei had no additional manpower, they directly replaced the old information network of the Azure Emperor Palace.

Azure Emperor Palace (of Di Cang)

During the era of the Azure Emperor, the Azure Emperor Palace was the strongest transcendent power in the whole of Grand Xia. The experts within were as numerous as the clouds. And among those experts, not everyone had Di as their surname. There were the Azure Emperor’s disciples, his loyal guardians, or even his servants. All of them formed the Azure Faction.

After the Azure Emperor Palace narrowly avoided getting destroyed, the majority of this group of people silently left, hiding in places around Grand Xia, to the extent where they changed their surnames and lived incognito. Yet despite staying in hiding, all of them had one mission—to follow once again the successor of the Azure Emperor. He who holds his token would gain control over all the branches of the ‘hidden’ Azure Faction, allowing them to rise from the ashes to the pinnacle of Grand Xia once more.


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