He was wearing a green robe and appeared to be a middle-aged man that seemed imposing without being angry.


He was too proud and had a very lofty view of himself. 


This Absolute Beginning Overlord was a world overlord that has been famous in the Mystic Region since a very long time ago. He was a legend among world overlords. Also, he rose to fame in Time City and he could be considered someone extremely dazzling in the once in ten thousand years Convention of the Myriad Realms. It was rumored that in one of the previous Conventions, the Absolute Beginning Overlord had stirred up some trouble in Time City and antagonized a powerful major clan here. That major clan had deep foundations in Time City and had many world overlords under them. Hence, they were naturally extremely arrogant and wanted the Absolute Beginning Overlord to go over and kneel and bow to them to settle things.

And the ending was that the Absolute Beginning Overlord did go over. After a fierce battle, he slaughtered all their world overlords and exterminated that clan. From then onwards, his name shook Time City and he could be considered a famous character among the world overlords invited here for the Convention. From then on, before the Convention of Myriad Realms commenced, there would be plenty of world overlords paying visit to him on account of his reputation.

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