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In this universe, there are a total of thirty-three heavenly worlds which was also known as the thirty-three immortal realms. In the surroundings of each immortal realm, there are countless tiny worlds that exist. These worlds are known as internal worlds and are as tiny as particles in comparison to the vast immortal realms.

And in these countless tiny worlds, there were some that were extremely powerful, and some that were extremely weak. To those that originated from the immortal realms, they termed people living in the internal worlds as country bumpkins. The heavenly worlds, also known as the immortal realms, was surrounded by countless internal worlds, with endless country bumpkins living within them. Only after the ‘country bumpkins’ there grew stronger, up to a certain level, did they possess the qualifications to walk out of their internal world by breaking apart the restrictive bindings of each respective world. Only after that could they enter the immortal realms for cultivation, hoping to reach an even higher level.

With regards to the thirty-three heavenly immortal realms. The internal worlds around them were simply a particle. Too tiny, too inconsequential.


There are no rankings among the thirty-three heavens. All of them are cultivation grounds. It's just that the Azure Mystic Immortal Realms are a little unique. They are sealed off from the others. But naturally, although there are no actual rankings, there are a difference between the strong realms and the weaker ones. This is especially so after countless years of transformations. The situation has gradually solidified.

Among the thirty-three immortal realms, other than the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms, there were still thirty-two immortal realms which are otherwise also known as the lower worlds. The peak powers of each of the eight regions in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms had control over quite a few immortal realms, with one of the regions controlling three, the others four. Azure Mystic Immortal Realms was the only lower world yet to be controlled by any region or if not, just so nicely, each of the eight regions would control four lower worlds.